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Counselling for Men Facing Challenges in Life.

I chose to become a counsellor to walk with others through 'the landscape of the soul' that many do not even know exists. I experience a mix of excitement and privilege to be chosen for the sacred task of providing companionship to people as together we journey through the 'unexplored forest of someone's heart'. This is the core of the healthy masculine spirit: exploring 'unknown territory'. It is scary, challenging and rewarding.

Passion to explore unknown territories of the soul

I provide counselling specifically for men for two main reasons.

The first one is because I felt strongly and radically connected with the Authentic Male Journey. It has offered a path for healing and growth in my life, and for many other men I know.

The second reason for providing counselling to males is that men are in crisis - radically killing themselves daily. There are not enough organisations and people working to deal with this tragic global reality. This is my calling: to help men awaken to their True Self, to grow and heal, and to have the inner resources to be men who are sources of life for themselves, their families and their business organisations.

When I arrived in Australia from Brazil 13 years ago, the wounds and sense of failure from my divorce were still fresh and raw. I came Down Under looking for a place to hide - emotionally speaking – so that I could work, pay my bills and sleep in peace.

With time and space, I came to embrace a spiritual path. After a couple of years I was introduced to the Sacred Male Journey. Walking my own path of healing on this journey inspired me to offer the gifts I had been given to other men. This led me to become a counsellor.

Through my journey, I have realised that my 'failures' or 'blind spots' in my personality also contain gifts of pure gold if only I take the time to look. It took me almost four decades to realise that one complements the other. The false self and the True Self are dancing together now. Sometimes I stop the music and feel upset, cranky and fearful, until the moment I allow the music to play again ‍‍….

My Personal Journey

Deep connection with authenticity

Men are in crisis

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Short Videos

Less than 6 min. video, explaining the first part of the Authentic Male Journey.

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