Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success"

Ernest Shackleton.

The main reason I chose to become a counsellor was to be able to go to 'the landscape of the soul' that not many pe‍‍‍ople know it exists. Being able to journey and offer companionship in a 'unexplored forest of someone's heart' provides me with a mix of excitement and privilege to be chosen for such sacred job.  I guess this is the core of the masculinity spirit: being an explorer of a 'unknown territory'. It is scary, challenging and rewarding.

Passion to Explore Un‍‍‍known Territories of the Soul

I chose to prov‍‍‍ide counselling for men (specifically) because of two reasons. The first one is because I felt strongly and radically connected with the Authentic Male Journey. It has offered a good path to my life and to many other men I know.

‍‍‍The second one is: men are in crisis - radi‍‍‍cally killing themselves daily. Sadly, there are not enough organisations and people working to deal with this tragic fact. This is worldwide, not only here in Australia. I am taking this as my personal fight: to help men awake to their True Self.

I arrived in Australia eleven years ago after faced a divorce and the feeling of failure in Brazil. Basically, I came to Down Under looking for a place to hide - emotionally speaking - as much as, a place where I could work, pay my bills, and sleep in peace.

Along with the feelings of embarrassment from the country of soccer, I embraced a spiritual path, where after a couple of years I was introduced to Sacred Male Journey which led me to become a counsellor.

Today, after examining a few points in my life I found some gifts out of 'failures' or 'blind spots' in my personality. It took me almost four decades to realise one complimented the other. The false and the True Self are dancing together now . Sometimes I stop the music and  feel upset, cranky and fearful :), until the moment I allow the music play again.‍‍‍‍‍‍

Personal Journey‍‍‍

"Men wanted for hazard‍‍‍ous journey.


Deep Connection with Authenticity

Men are in ‍‍‍Crisis

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Short Videos

Less than 6 min. video, explaining the first part of the Authentic Male Journey.

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Felipe Oliveira is a reputable and fully registered counsellor for men facing challenges in life. Holding a Mast‍‍‍ers in Counselling & Psychotherapy, his specialisation is in men’s mid-life crisis,  male authenticity, sexuality and spirituality. ‍‍‍

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