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Counselling for Men Facing Challenges in Life.

Deep Counselling for Men in Need

Why is it needed?

The statistics about men and mental health are still very concerning:

3 in 4 suicides are men;

1 in 4 men are socially isolated;

9 in 10 prisoners are men;

2 in 3 murder victims are men

( Men’s Health Forum & Australia Bureau Statistics 2018).

Since the financial crisis in late 2000’s, the government and NFP organisations have attempted to address this issue but we are making very slow progress. Sadly, it hasn’t been enough as is reflected in the statistics. We would like to invite the private sector to partner with us in helping solve this crisis.

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The main goal of #counsellingmen is to provide fully registered & sponsored counselling for men who can’t afford it in Brisbane and South East Queensland. This project is not aimed at being a ‘Band-Aid’ solution but provides deep and profound transformation.

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Short Videos

6 min. video explaining the 2nd half of life of the Authentic Male Journey.

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The Process of Finding Purpose in Life

Men's Crisis & The Wandering Stage of Life

Personal Story

One of the catalysts to creating this project is due to challenges I have faced in my masculine journey. I always believed I needed to be strong, look powerful and confident. If you are not exuding this energy, you are not a real man. The reality is, whether you are a man or woman, life is hard, and the empirical system we live in is relentless.

Fortunately, in 2009 I start seeing a counsellor, and I was invited into my own deeper journey to learn from my insecurities. I learned to embrace my weaknesses and treat it with compassion and caring. In time I learned to feel secure about my insecurities and it became the mainstay of my work as a men’s counsellor today.


Photo by Steve Freeman - 2016 CFMA Retreat

Men's Counselling Retreat

Interested in Helping out? In need of Counselling?

If you have experience in raising funds or have any additional ideas to offer, and is willing to make your idea to happen, I would love to hear from you.

If you are a man, who is interested in receiving counselling or would like further information on Felipe Oliveira’s professional services, do not hesitate in contact.

And if you would like to DONATE to the project, below you will find the account details for it.

Another way is to click here and check our fund-raising offerings.

The donations will be through CFMA, which is a registered DGR and any donation above $2 is tax deductible.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Warm regards, Felipe Oliveira.

Project Director & Counsellor for Men Facing Challenges

Men's Counselling

When I completed my Masters in Counselling, I decided I was going to focus on a masculine framework for middle-aged men. As has been stated this crisis has not resolved. A specific counselling framework for men is much needed in our culture, which I have chosen to focus on since then. Men who are vulnerable and isolated often see counselling as a last resort.

Many men do not have access to more appropriate therapeutic facilities due to finance issues. A few of them are aware of the benefits, but, unfortunately, it is not accessible to them. These men are the ones this project is looking to reach out too.

CFMA Partnership

This project is born from an organic and rooted partnership between myself and Centre for Men Australia - Registered Charity. After almost a decade of inner work alongside this men's group, I am launching this project totally supported by CFMA. This organisation and I share the same values around   Connection with Nature , the Cosmology of Life & the necessity of Male Initiation in the Western way of living. These three components are the pillars that bond me with Centre for Men.

Counselling Men Project :

Evidence-based Practice

My counselling framework is formed by the evidenced-based practice of Person Centred & Gestalt Therapy rooted in the deep psychology of Carl Jung and relates to Joseph Campbell’s hero journey.

Men needing help
Men's Issues
Counselling Men Project Team

CFMA: Felipe Oliveira (Counselling Men Project Director), Wayne Stevens (Marketing Coordinator), and Richard Fay (CEO)

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Thank you so much.

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