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What is‍‍‍ Authentic Manhood?

Authentic Manhood is a man with a clear sense of purpose in his life. It is when a man who knows from his heart who he really is without any need for external approval or validation.

Deida admits the man’s mission is his priority. “Unless you know your mission and have aligned your life to it, your core will feel empty. Your presence in the world will be weakened” ( Deida, 2004, p.27). Moreover, on top of the mission of the Authentic Man, is his free spirit. A kind of wild and furious freedom that comes within the man described by Chris Mccandless as “the passion for adventure being the very core of a man’s living spirit” (as cited in Krakauer, 1996, p.58).

Freedom & Purpose among Men‍‍‍

It is easier for men to feel their Freedom and Purpose among other men and away from women. The latter are more familiar and confident with the language of feelings and emotions, making the men’s soul shy, leading them to avoid important decisions and actions. However, when a group of men get together, with simple and clear guidelines, a sacred space is formed and, slowly, men start to state and name the story of their hearts, clearing the way to find his Real Purpose in life and his Authenticity. Again, it is a long journey and it is very complex.

Feminine & Masculine Pole

Fox , an ex-catholic priest who was expelled from the church by being accused of being a feminist, wrote a book about Sacred Masculinity. In this book he asked a man what he had learned from the first man’s movement that happened in America started by Robert Bly‍‍‍ .‍‍‍ His answer: “It made me appreciate the gold my father did not give to me. The men in my family were all alcoholics or crazy… it made me understand about the feminine pole and the masculine pole - awareness and awakening. And a lot are awakening to their vulnerability and their sensitiveness to Life” (Fox, 2008, p.XX).

It is not an easy road, and I dare to say it is meant to be hard. If it was easy, we men, would not be interested. The whole mental health crisis that is going on worldwide is a great opportunity for men (and women) to use these symptoms as an ally to awake themselves to the True Self within.

The Loyal Soldier

The symptoms of depression , anxiety , PTSD and suicide have the power to reveal the old strategies of the ‘Loyal Soldier’ ( Plotkin , 2003): the games our ‘false self’‍‍‍ is taught to play in order for us to feel safe, loved and accepted by others. While these games served ‍‍‍us in the first 3 or 4 decades, after the 5th decade of life they become a problem revealed through the symptoms mentioned above. Some letting go needs to be done.

Felipe Oliveira holds a Masters in Counselling with almost 10 years of exp‍‍‍erience in the Authentic Male Journey himself. Feel free to contact him by mobile, e-mail or social media for an informal chat or to book a session.

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6 min. video explaining the 2nd half of life of the Authentic Male Journey.

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Authentic Male Journey, True Self & false self

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The S‍‍‍essions


The 'Letting go' & The Authentic Male Journey

The work of letting go is the noblest work a man can do for himself, for his family, for his community, and for the world. It is the road less travelled and it can be taken by any man, not just those presenting the symptoms of psychological wounds‍‍‍‍‍‍ .

The Authentic Male Journey is a counselling framework specialising in the work of letting go with caring, gentleness and compassion. In this way, the True Self gains a stronger voice, Authenticity becomes visible and a man’s mission in life is clarified, allowing him to feel the wild and furious freedom of Life - even though it does not happen overnight.

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Male Intimacy Failure  or New Possibilities?

The sessions are individuals, approximately 45 minutes, running in a peaceful, private and confidential manner.  

The service is offered in Brisbane, on the suburb of Carindale/Mainsfield and Kelvin Grove . Read more here to check the address and to know the Counselling Fee .‍‍‍‍‍‍

Felipe Oliveira provides counselling for men facing challenges in life. Click here to know more about his work . Or, please, continue reading this short article about the importance of‍‍‍ inner work among men.



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Felipe Oliveira is a reputable and fully registered counsellor for men facing challenges in life. Holding a Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy, his specialisation is i‍‍‍n men’s mid-life crisis,  male authenticity, sexuality and spirituality.

Felipe Oliveira is a reputable and fully registered counsellor for men facing challenges in life. Holding a Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy, his specialis‍‍‍ation is in men’s mid-life crisis,  male authenticity, sexuality and spirituality.‍‍‍

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