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Felipe holds a Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy and is always open to develop relationships and networking with the intention to create solid and meaningful connections to create better results in life. Please, don't hesitate in contact him for further information.

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‍‍‍Felipe Oliveira is a registered counsellor‍‍‍ with PACFA and a NDIS provider. He has a large experience with men, however, women can also benefit of his counselling services. His work is based in Brisbane: Kedron and Carindale.

As a NDIS provider, Felipe Oliveira is registered on the therapeutic support group, offering individual counselling, group therapy and can be a therapist assistant in an interpersonal and experiential empowering program. (Click here to check your eligibility to become a NDIS Participant).

Felipe Oliveira’s differential is guiding men and women toward the path of authenticity, where the mental health symptoms such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and suicide ideation are seen as part of the solution and not the problem. Once the participant understands and experiences such awakening, he becomes aware of his own power of choice and decision in life. It becomes a game changing. The participant gains focus; their self-esteem increases; develops an invaluable self-knowledge, self-love, emotional acceptance and inner growth.

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Felipe Oliveira is a reputable and fully regis‍‍‍tered counsellor for men facing challenges in life. Holding a Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy, his specialisation is in men’s mid-life crisis,  male authenticity, sexuality and spirituality. ‍‍‍

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The Sess‍‍‍ions

The sessions are individuals, approximately 45 minutes, running in a peaceful, private and confidential manner.  

The service is offered in Brisbane, on the suburb of Carindale/Mainsfield and Kedron . Booking Fee appl ies.

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Men’s Group

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