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Authentic Life™by Felipe Oliveira



Travelling the Road to “The Authentic Life™”

“Authentic Life” is the life that lives inside you, always struggling to find its way out into your everyday world.

This is in direct opposition to the concept of the life that most of us may feel we want to build or create.

They often tell us to “Go and live the life you want,” yet when you have lived long enough to know reality, you readily realise that this is not always possible…or completely desirable!

It can only be after a deeper examination, based on a good 3 or 4 decades of life experience, that you can begin to live the life that is alive within you…I call it “The Authentic Life.”

The process involved in examining a life is composed of three stages…

1. False Self.

2. Liminal and Integration Space.

3. True Self.

False Self

The “False Self" can best be characterised as “The Self that needs to be imagined and constructed.”

It is the end result of the energy and effort in all of us that compels us in a particular direction, based on beliefs like these…

  • “I need to get a University degree.”
  • “I need to be married.
  • ”I have to figure this problem out or I will end up looking like a fool.”
  • I need to learn a useful occupation

This “False self" has been present within us and active for all of our life this far…until one day when a bell rings and the penny drops and the lightbulb is suddenly illuminated with questions like these…

  • “What was all that for?”
  • “Why am I doing what I am doing?”
  • “Why do I have to fit in?

The “False” self responds… “Don’t be ridiculous, you are doing what you are supposed to do! This is the life you wanted and that’s all there is to it…now go and do something worthwhile before your doubts get you into trouble!”

And so we go to work, we pay our bills, we watch T.V., we talk “Chit-Chat” … (or “Shit-Chat” more like it) while we follow what society requires from us, on a daily basis…and we go on living our “False” lives.


True Self

On the other hand, the “True self" is the self you have always been and were always meant to become.

It comes from your soul and it comes from your heart and the “True” self requires no conscious or pre-determined action from you.

Your True Self is always happy and content with you just being the human being you have always been.

Our society and its attitudes have become so addicted to the “False” self that we all forget to live within the space created by our “True” selves.

The True Self normally reveals itself in moments of clarity and great wonder…like that feeling of awe when we watch a great movie or that moment when we pause to realise how beautiful the sunset can be.

Perhaps “True Self” will manifest itself when we are enjoying the presence of friends or family over a memorable meal or coffee or a similar style of unforgettable occasion.


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False Self and True Self Integration

In Reality, the False Self and the True Self complement each other…the False Self is not “The Evil One,” it is just not the True Self.

The problem arises when we live an unbalanced life, leaning too far in the direction of the “False Self” at the expense of a total disconnect from our true selves.

Without the “False Self,” there would be no need for me to bring this to your attention. In fact, I would not have needed to complete my Masters in Counselling, I probably would not have contemplated moving to Australia and I certainly would not need a computer or a mobile phone.

In addition, I would not feel sad and lonely sometimes and it was these feelings which prompted me to follow my current path and develop a deep interest in this subject.

The “False Self” is a necessary factor of life and must be recognised and cultivated, as long as the individual also recognises the co-existence of the “True Self” and acknowledges that there is a path that integrates the two.
Living with the dominance of the “False Self” for more than four decades has caused many men to struggle with their Mental Health…sometimes the decision to take their own life is the ultimate result of this struggle.


Authentic Self

My Counselling Expertise is geared towards a successful integration of the “False” and the “True” selves. I call this path “The Authentic Male Journey” that will lead, ultimately, to your Authentic Life™.

This is the journey that will lead you to your own Authentic Self by fine tuning and enhancing your own awareness of who you are and who you have always been.

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Registered Male Consultant

Felipe Oliveira

Felipe Oliveira is a holistic life & business coach, registered clinical counsellor & Certified TRTP Practitioner for men to live an Authentic Life™, and is ready to hearing from you. Send him an email now.

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