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Authentic Life™by Felipe Oliveira


Videos about the

Authentic Male Journey.

This is the 2nd video that explains the first part of the Authentic Male Journey (AMJ): the successful path, where the ego is formed, and successful is defined by what we have, by what we do, and the status we live by.

Video 3 explains the Space In Between on the Authentic Male Journey (AMJ). The space where suicide happens as the ego loses power, not knowing the answers for more deep and meaningful questions.

On Video 4, it is described the Authentic Path. It is the place where one's own darkness and lightness reconcile. Very difficult Journey and not advised to be done alone.  It has been freeing men from depression, anxiety, PTSD and suicide, and leading them to their Authentic Self.

Authentic Male Journey, True Self & false self

Know more about these three elements in a 'straight to the point' language.

If you would like to know more about the AMJ, feel free to read these blogs. Blogs for Men: no more than 600 words and straight to the point. Enjoy.

This is the Introductory video about the (AMJ): a counselling framework that helps men to process challenges in life.

This is a 2 min. animation video explaining what the Authentic Male Journey (AMJ) is. It is succinct, light and enjoyable to watch.

Now, if you like, read about the Five Main Themes of The Authentic Male Journey in HERE.


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Counselling for men facing issues in life. Click here to know more . Or, please, continue to watching the videos presenting all the details about the Authentic Male Journey.