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Authentic Life Process™ (TRTP)

What is TRTP?

It is an elegant process that has been delivering ultra positive results in short time - 3 to 4 weeks.

You don't have to talk about your feelings for ages. Also, this therapy is not based on a long-term relationship with the therapist, which easy and shorten the whole process.

It consists in 3/4 sessions, 2 hours each (time is approximately and it is not that important - it could go a bit more or a bit less), during 3/4 weeks on a roll.

It is ideally for those who are facing the challenges below:

1. Co-dependency issues

2. Lack of confidence in your relationship (personal & professional)

3. Fear of vulnerability

4. Low Self-esteem


In saying that, it doesn't work on everyone and there is no guarantee that will work on you.

A 15-20 minutes Complementary Call with Felipe Oliveira (Certified TRTP Practitioner) can give you a deeper knowledge if you are the right fit for the Authentic Life Process™. Plus, he can tell you the likelihood if it is going to work on you or not.

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