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Counselling Men Project

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Charitable project to provide counselling for men in need.


Felipe Oliveira is a counsellor for men facing challenges in life.

Felipe Oliveira is a counsellor for men facing challenges in life.

His specialisation is on the Authentic Male Journey:

the movement from the false self to the True Self.

Felipe Oliveira Journeys and Companion men facing challenges in life, with the vision to help them to notice and accept the Invitation to their Authentic Self. His counselling experience has been with men facing complex trauma (PTSD);   deep and emotional wounds ( Depression and Anxiety);   inner pain causing addictions; mid-life crisis ( Depression); fear of intimacy ( Anxiety); shame and aggression issues; life transition; grief and loss; and suicide ideation (Deep Depression).

Are you going through a divorce, separation or issues with relationships of any kind (personal, social or professional) ? Are you feeling lost not knowing what is right or wrong anymore? Feeling like having more downs than ups? What once used to make sense, now it seems empty and nonsense?

Is that how you are feeling?

Men are deeply interested in something meaningful, dangerous, full of mystery and rewarding - something that will give them a great sense of purpose. A journey that will touch the core of their masculine spirit and make them feel radically alive. A magnificent journey that will make men feel powerful beyond measure.

The Authentic Male Journey touches on the five main themes of the masculine spirit: 1. The addictive system; 2. Men & grief; 3. The mother and father wound; 4. The five truths about life; and 5. Authentic Masculinity or True Self. These five themes are always present in the journey of the masculine heart.

The sessions are individuals, approximately 45 minutes , running in a peaceful, private and confidential manner.  
The service is offered in Brisbane , on the suburb of Carindale/Mansfield and Kedron . Booking Fee applies.

Felipe was able to journey through my specific circumstances & personality by using highly effective ways of companionship that really worked for me to get the breakthrough I was seeking. I would highly recommend his skill as as an effective counsellor ” M ale, 39 y/old.

Felipe Oliveira is a registered counsellor with Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA - Reg.23889), NDIS provider (reg. 4050026650), holding a Masters Degree in Counselling, where the focus of his researches were always around Authentic Masculinity, Sexuality and Spirituality.

“I am Christian of 40 years and was into a 2nd mid life crisis fighting depression at 63 years of age when I met Philippe. That encounter changed my life. Philippe was the catalyst that only a book could explain. There is no higher recommendation” Male, 64 y/old.

Watch other videos here, where I explain the AMJ in more detail.

The Sessions

Watch a Video Here:

2 min. animation video introducing the concept of The Authentic Male Journey (AMJ)

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The journey that frees men from depression, anxiety, Ptsd, and leads to the Real Self.

Felipe Oliveira provides counselling for men facing challenges in life.

Counselling for Men:

You can also read a great article on Good Man Project about the existence of Authentic Masculinity. Click here to read.

Another great website for men is the Centre for Men and Families of Australia. Felipe Oliveira has been connected with them for several years.

Needless to recommend Beyond Blue and Suicide Prevention of Australia. Great websites with valuable knowledge about the prevention of human life.

Is life challenging you hard? Facing Issues?

It’s ok. Being an Authentic Man is hard work.

The Authentic Male Journey is counselling for men that holds the space where the man may “enter into the deeper relationship with himself, become an authority in the nuances of his own experience, and define manhood for himself” (Sam Keen).

For now, stay here for a while and browse this website as you like. Take the time you need.

The work of keeping the man awake and open to the signs of changes or transition in his life are the main priority of the Authentic Male Journey. By trusting the process of staying in the unknown place of transformation, a man may find his own true, purpose, and pace of life.

Felipe Oliveira is a reputable and fully registered counsellor for men facing challenges in life. Holding a Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy, his specialisation is in men’s mid-life crisis,  male authenticity, sexuality and spirituality.

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Masculine Themes



In order to create awareness and to encourage men to do inner work, Felipe Oliveira often gives talks in companies like Energex. In these spaces, the Authentic Male Journey and its nuances are explored and named, creating a safe space for men go deeper in their own reflections about life.

Grief is the art to use suffering and failure to grow as a whole human being. This is the path of true transformation. Read here a simple 7 steps to grieve properly.

How to Grieve Properly in 7 Steps

Article about a correlation between the outcome of a research launched on World Suicide Prevention day, with the reasons Mathew Fox explained men would rather be isolated and lonely than do soul work. To read, click here.

Men’s Suicide:

3 Myths & 5 Reasons


“Anxiety can also be an integral part of a growth experience”… “Anxiety is a way of telling ourselves and others that a significant change and a challenge are occurring. Whether healthy or nonhealthy, anxiety should be listened to as it is a way of understanding oneself" Kraft. Click here to read.

Anxiety: Healthy & Unhealthy

The Benefit of an Addiction

The issue of Addiction is not a problem for ‘certain’ people only. It is a human problem, as we are all addicted in some form. Examen the addiction in depth leads to Authentic Manhood.

Anger, shame and aggression can lead to the path of the inner work. The work to deal with the wound, the inner pain. It is only through the pain, the wound will become sacred. Continue to read.

Anger & Belongingness

Depression & Soul Development

Learn more about depression being an agent of initiation into one's deepest self. It can lead to a Man's Soul or the True Self. Click here to read.

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Counselling Men Project


Charitable project to provide counselling for men in need.

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