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Live your Authentic Life™!


Live your Authentic Life!

Coaching, Counselling, Mentoring and Rapid Transformational Process (TRTP) for men to live an Authentic Life™.

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Holistic Life & Business Coaching, Counselling, Mentoring and TRTP for Men to live an Authentic Life™

Together, you and Felipe Oliveira will examine all aspects of your life to improve your relationships, gain confidence and transform your worldview.

We will work through issues and help to implement real change in your professional life. 

It will help to prevent and to free you from depression, anxiety and complications from the transition to mid-life.  


Felipe Oliveira offers TRTP (Rapid Transformational Process) with proven success in just three sessions. Ask for more information.


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How can I help?

Counselling Services

  • Long term therapy
  • Deals with unfulfilling personal & professional relationships
  • Work for prevention and healing of mental health issues with therapeutic purpose (anxiety, depression & trauma)
  • Midlife transition
  • Grief

Life Coaching Services

  • Identify your goals and desired outcomes in a non-therapeutic manner
  • Assist in creating plans and strategies to guide your personal transformation
  • Regular check ups to keep motivation and focus alive
  • Monitor & adjust progress of your goals as needed

Authentic Life Process (TRTP)

  • Short term process: achieve your goals in the first month with 6-8 hours of therapy
  • Experience a relief from trauma at once
  • Discover conation, will and inner choice
  • Receive a combination of counselling and coaching

Holistic Business Coach

  • Analyse your personal values and beliefs to identify what success means to you
  • Identify what is holding you back from achieving your life's goals
  • Changing your thinking patterns to gain greater confidence
  • Achieve improved understanding of your working relationships for a greater team outcome
Step into the Authentic Journey

The Authentic Journey is a process for men that holds the space where you may “enter into the deeper relationship with yourself, become an authority in the nuances of your own experience, and define manhood/womanhood for yourself ” Sam Keen.

Men are deeply interested in something meaningful, dangerous, full of mystery and rewarding - something it will give them a great sense of purpose. Something that will touch the core of their masculine/feminine spirit and will make them feel radically alive. A Magnificent Journey that will make them feel powerful beyond measure. In most of the cases, an existential crisis is an invitation for this path of self-discovery that will lead to the awareness of the True Self. What in the beginning sounds like death, is actually the initiation of the Real Life.

That's the Power of the Authentic Journey.

Felipe Oliveira's expertise is to hold a sacred space for you to feel secure enough to be insecure, and with that awake yourself to the True Self.

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Authentic Life Training for men and workplaces to improve emotional health
Felipe Oliveira
Keynote Speaker - Positive Mindset with Empowering Content

Taking your audience to a mature place in order to lead your people to an Authentic Life™.

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Authentic Life by Felipe Oliveira
Felipe Oliveira is a registered counsellor for men seeking an authentic life

Felipe Oliveira

Felipe Oliveira is a holistic life & business coach, registered clinical counsellor & Certified TRTP Practitioner for Men to live an Authentic Life.

He will walk alongside you to give the support you need for you to live out of your authentic power within and be released to live your amazing and vibrant life full of vitality.

He loves to take their clients through the Authentic  Journey. A Journey that can lead you to discover and connect with your deepest, truest self and liberate you from depression, anxiety, trauma and other mental health issues. It is an invitation to live freely and authentically.

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Felipe Oliveira is a Certified TRTP Practitioner
Felipe Oliveira is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with PACFa


Felipe Oliveira is a registered counsellor with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA - Reg.23889) and Certified TRTP Practitioner (TRTP is a rapid transformational process - 3 sessions - that has been showing long-term positive results).

Felipe Oliveira is connected with Centre for Men, Men's Wellbeing, ManKind Project and a few others men's groups in Australia. He holds Masters Degree in Counselling. His Masters research focused on Male and Female Authenticity, Sexuality and Spirituality.

Men's Day Retreats

Day Retreats are ideal for you to rest, have some meaningful reflections and enjoy your personal development.

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“Felipe was able to journey through my specific circumstances & personality by using highly effective ways of companionship that really worked for me to get the breakthrough I was seeking. I would highly recommend his skill as as an effective counsellor ”

Male, 39 y/old.

“I am Christian of 40 years and was into a 2nd mid life crisis fighting depression at 63 years of age when I met Philippe. That encounter changed my life. Philippe was the catalyst that only a book could explain. There is no higher recommendation”.

Male, 69 y/old