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Authentic Life™by Felipe Oliveira


On-line & Self-Paced Training:

Tree of an Authentic Life™

This is a training for you who wants more from life. It is ideal for you who wants to create a life plan and is willing to follow through with courage and faith.

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Do you want to build a plan for your life to be transformed from water to wine? Do you want to start living your Authentic Life™ - a life lived from inside out?


It’s for you who is fully committed to take responsibility to build a plan and follow through with consistency and discipline.


You will reflect deeper about the nine areas (or branches) of life: physical, financial, professional, personal, spiritual, parenthood (family), friendship, companionship and erotic. All of them are important and must be attended on a weekly basis.


Those who engages with this process will be able to know exactly the activities, the time and the day of the week of each areas mentioned before on a weekly basis. Those who maintain the consistency will have the chance to start seeing joyful and productive fruits of simple actions within 90 days.



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Value & Benefits of the Training


Pre-Requisite: must have a Personal Facebook Account to access the Training

1. 17 Videos - Total of 90 minutes of content

2. 14 Files on PDF

3. Super Private Facebook Group for Exclusive Participants

4. 2 Tickets for the Brazilian Churrasco (Bbq) - Value $ 33.00 - Valid for 12 months (Check Here)

5. 2 Tickets for the Counselling Men Project Events - Value $ 120.00 - Valid for 12 months (Check Here)
Value of the Investment on the Training

$205.00 (GST Included)


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