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Authentic Life™by Felipe Oliveira


Trauma Counselling & TRTP to Live an Authentic Life™

Felipe Oliveira offers counselling and TRTP for trauma so you can start living your vibrant and authentic life now! Get in touch.

If you have been diagnosed with trauma or PTSD issues, or have been noticing signs as lack of sleep, having nightmares, fears without reason, panic attack out of nowhere, let's chat. Let's deal together.

We will walk together, and find out what are the best strategies for you to start living your authentic and vibrant life with less sessions possible.


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Trauma Counselling & TRTP

Felipe Oliveira is offering two options for you:

1. Standard Counselling: it is the traditional way where I will walk with you along the stories of your life offering productive insights and strategies for you to achieve what you are looking for. It is usually a longer process and involves a good amount of sessions.

2. TRTP: is an elegant process that has been solving  trauma & PTSD issues and many other mental health problem within 3 sessions. It is more directive, much less story telling, less feeling talk and highly empowering. You will not have to re-live the trauma or distress event again.  It is not for everyone. It is mainly for those who want to take full responsibility for their lives.

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Enquiring a Discovery Session with Felipe Oliveira

The Discovery Session is designed for you to learn better how the two options works so you can decide which one is the best fit for you.

It is now 40% cheaper without commitment from your part to engage with the rest of the process.


Take the courageous step toward your Authentic Life™!

Press the button below. Let's chat!

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"What was a dark and scary world is now a bright one that is full of opportunities.

I am able to dream again. I am able to be me again, unapologetically and proudly, me."

— CW 32 Years Old, Mining Professional