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Authentic Male Journey, True Self & false self

Know more about these three elements in a 'straight to the point' language.

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Grief Work

“Grief is unfinished hurt” affirms Rohr (2005, p. 84). Grief is the work of learning how to weep. This is a kind of work that men usually don’t want to engage with it ... Read more here.

The Sessio‍‍‍ns

The sessions are individuals, approximately 45 minutes, running in a peaceful, private and confidential manner.  ‍‍‍

The service is offered in Brisbane, on the suburb of Carindale/Mainsfield and Kelvin Grove . Booking Fee applies.

One of the main strategies used by the Loyal Soldier among men is to “restrict their range of feeling by encouraging us to always be in charge, busy, angry, ruthless, withdrawn, and/or numb...

Discharging the Loyal Soldier to Become Authentic Man

Most of the articles are based under several deep authorities on the subject of Authentic Masculinity. Here are some names you can check: Richard Rohr, Mathew Fox, John Eldredge, Parker Palmer, Thomas Moore, David Schnarch, Ester Perell, David Deida and Robert Bly.

In here, you ha‍‍‍ve short articles about mascu‍‍‍linities targeting male authenticity. The blogs are from male sexuality and grief and loss, to life transition, all sorts of addictions and anger issues. All of them drive the reader to a reflection about the True Self within. Check it out and enjoy the reading.

‍‍‍Welcome to Felipe Oliveira's Blog!

Felipe Oliveira provides counse‍‍‍lling for men facing challenges in life. Click here to know more about his work. Now, please, continue exploring the journey about Authentic Masculinity.


What once was known by intuition, science is already showing evidence that being nature our brains can be rewired. Our whole body system calms and soothes themselves smoothly and on its own pace.

9 Reasons to Be in Nature

“Anxiety can also be an integral part of a growth experience”… “Anxiety is a way of telling ourselves and others that a significant‍‍‍ change and a challenge are occurring. Whether healthy‍‍‍ or nonhealthy, anxiety should be listened to as it is a way of understanding oneself" Kraft.

Anxiety: Healthy & Unhealthy

Many men struggle in keep meaningful male friends, especially, after their 50s. Normally, they only think about that when it is too late. Read more about the importance of men's group and real friendships in here.

Men's Group & Meaningful Friends

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Booking Fee Applies

Felipe Oliveira is a reputable and fully registered counsellor for men facing challenges in life. Holding a Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy, his specialisation is in men’s mid-life crisis,  male authenticity, sexuality and spirituality.

‍‍‍‍‍‍A reflective essay about the challenges that is happening at the Sport Industry . Many sportsme‍‍‍n/women are facing loneliness, depression and anxiety.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Loneliness among Professional Ath‍‍‍letes