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Authentic Life™by Felipe Oliveira


Event: Celebrating an Authentic Life™ - Brazilian Barbecue - Churrasco

Let's get together to celebrate an amazing life, an Authentic Life™!

Let's eat the most juicy and tasteful steak than any traditional Oz Pub for much less! Even though this barbeque is finger food and it may not substitute a proper meal, most of the times we always ate plenty of meat for all the participants.

This is an event to relax and have meaningful and quality time among like-minded people. It is a space to form good friendships and enjoy life at its best!

This event is NOT a fundraiser.

This event is NOT for private profit.

As an authentic Brazilian, I will be sharing one of my passions: cooking Brazilian rump caps for us. It will give you a good taste of the best in Brazil.

Come along, bring your friends, and let's celebrate life at its best! Let's eat the best steak in town cooked by a passionate Brazilian.

Men and Women are invited and fully welcome!

Come along and bring your friends!

Let's live an Authentic Life™ together!

See you there!

Attention: during the event a few photos and short videos will be made to be used on the website and social media of the organiser. By buying your ticket you are giving permission for your picture to be used publicly. Please advise in advance that you want to enjoy yourself, but don't want to be in any photos and videos, if that is the case.

Friday 12th July 2024

4pm to 6pm

Brisbane - West End

Cost: $ 16.50 (GST + Fee included)


Policy: no refunds.

The Organizer: Authentic Life Mindset

Felipe Oliveira: Seasoned Life Coach

I am an experienced Brazilian with Australian Citizenship and have been living in Brisbane for 18 years. I pay my bills through my work as a Professional Life Coach registered with PACFA, holding a Masters in Psychotherapy & Counselling.

One of my passions in life is cooking the famous Brazilian Churrasco surrounded  by like-minded people having meaningful and authentic conversations. I live under the values of Connection, Solitude, Fun and Abundance. My major purpose in life is to lead people to live their Authentic Lives™- a life from inside out!

Let's meet up during the Churrasco!

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