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Authentic Life™by Felipe Oliveira


Men's Counselling for Depression & Soul Development

Signs of Inner Growth & dark, evil and unproductiveness

A few authorities and ancient books talk about depression as initiation path to one’s soul development. In this case, going through a depressive or darkness phase is a sign of inner growth.

However, to our ego and to the system we live in, depression is always seen as a blockage to the development of everything in life, as it paralysed the individual to function properly. Depression is perceived as dark, evil and very unproductive.

Beyond Blue Definition

BeyondBlue has a very clinical and clear definition of depression: “is more than just a low mood - it is a feeling of sadness for long periods of time (weeks, months or even years)”. While this is true, it does not present a positive viewpoint of what depression can bring.

The Mystery of Depression & Intimacy

Parker Palmer (2000) explains that “embracing the mystery of depression means moving to a field of force that seems alien (to the ego) but it is in fact one’s deepest self. It means watching, listening, suffering, and gathering whatever self-knowledge, not matter how difficult” (p.60).  In this way, one starts noticing feelings, sensations and signs that has always been there but never acknowledged. An awakening is initiated.

Depression can lead to such deep places in ourselves that we might experience intimacy as never before. “Depression is one of the faces of the soul, acknowledging it and bringing it into our relationships fosters intimacy… speaking for them and from them offers a way toward genuine community and intimacy” ( Moore ,1992, p.148) especially with ourselves first. It leads to our True Selves - who we really are and always have been.

Companionship Counselling: The Compassionate Way

It is not an easy path, though. It requires a great dose of courage of the one who is going through, and is advised doing through a deeper and meaningful companionship. An experienced friend, a therapist or counsellor who knows how to use the way of compassion: the way to “enter into the suffering of another, to share in small way in their pain, confusion and desolation… It is the way of presence, being alongside, watchful and available” (Cassidy, 1988, p. 10). In this way one feels more accepted, feeling a positive energy that he is ok in being the way he is now. It is a very gentle, soft and precious space to be. In fact, it is quite Sacred, as the sense of presence and stillness is very rare in today’s life. The healing process starts as the soul initiates its development.


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Felipe Oliveira provides counselling for depression among men. Click here to know more about his work . Or, please, continue reading this short article about how depression can be use for personal development.

Felipe Oliveira is a counsellor for men seeking to live an Authentic Life™.

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