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Live your Authentic Life™!


Keynote Speaker   Positive Mindset

Felipe Oliveira

Keynote Speaker - Positive Mindset with Empowering Content

Helping your audience to to live their Authentic Life™.

As a keynote speaker, Felipe Oliveira takes your audience to a place where they can experience a deeper and more honest reflection about all areas of their lives.  He challenges misconceptions and encourages participants to embrace their own truth and vulnerability, helping them to make more authentic decisions in their work and personal lives.

Through his extensive practical knowledge, wrapped up in a supportive style (and more than just a few home truths!), Felipe empowers men and women to face their challenges with courage and optimism.  Enabling them to not only survive those difficult times – but to thrive through them.

Felipe’s approach is founded in the belief that from an awareness of one’s own deep personality lies the solution to many of life’s challenges, and that by accepting the transitions that life imposes on us, those challenges lose their power, providing us with greater choice, control, and inner peace.  His approach is a blend of science and logic, wrapped up in a personalised program that helps everyone find their own way to an Authentic Life™.

Felipe’s ultimate goal is to assist everyone to live their most happy, healthy, and Authentic Life™ possible.  

While it goes without saying that change is not always easy.  Achieving our greatest power and living a more Authentic Life™ is worth every moment spent on it.

Felipe is available to present on a range of topics relating to human betterment and empowerment.  


If you feel he might be a great match for your audience, please feel free to reach out for an initial conversation over coffee with him. 


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