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Men's Day Retreat


Felipe Oliveira offers a few Day Retreats specifically for you who are looking for something meaningful, but don’t have a week or the whole weekend free.
The Men’s Day Retreats are ideally for you who:

- are 30ys/old above

- are looking for a new meaning and purpose in life

- is eager to learn from your own experiences

- is seeking to connect with Nature and Silence

- is seeking more meaningful and purposefully friends

All the Day Retreats are done under The Way of Council guidelines. The Way of Council is a way of sharing your story about the subjects put on the table in a sacred way originated by the American Indians and today has been used by communities, organisations, couples in long-term relationships, and friends to deepen their friendships.

During the year, Felipe Oliveira organises from 3 to 5 day retreats on the following subjects:


1. Human Transformation:

Through the ancient and celtic story of the Lindworm, the Retreat has the power to take you under the whole stages of life. Lindworm is a creature who is half serpent and half human. The transformation from the former to the latter is where the wisdom and the content of the day is.


The next retreat with this subject is: 19.02.22


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2. Sexuality for Personal Development:

In today’s days, when we mention the word sexuality we all have a tendency to talk about people’s sexual gender attraction. Not many of us discuss how we like to have orgasms, how many times, and much less how to describe of the feelings of it. The main idea of this retreat is to open a sacred and safe discussion about how we can use the power of the orgasm for personal and professional development. It is a much needed discussion.


The next retreat with this subject is: TBA.


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3. Money Wound:

Sadly, just like sexuality, we all have toxic assumptions about how to have a healthy relationship with Money. Toxic myths like ‘more is better’; ‘what can’t be measured, it is not worthy; or ‘it is just the way it is’; have taken many people to a dark road in life (homelessness, suicide and violence). In this retreat it is discussed in depth the myths, and you will have the chance to understand where your relationship with money is. It gives you a more grounded vision on how to proceed your life about it.


The next retreat with this subject is: TBA.


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