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Authentic Life™by Felipe Oliveira


Counselling to Set You Free from the Economic System

The Traps of the Consumerism and Individualism

The consumerism and individualism worldview that the majority of the world society takes as the way to live has been the cause of many psychological disorders - like depression, anxiety, and suicide. A great psychologist named Anne Wilson Schaef explored the phenomenon of addiction of all kinds, including ways of thinking and behaviors. One of the most important discoveries she found was the addiction to the capitalism system and its myths, that will be briefly discussed here.

The Game of Buying and Selling

In the end, all comes down to who has got the power to buy, and who is selling what. If you have no power to bargain, and is not offering anything valuable according to the system, you are excluded and need ‘educate’ yourself: go study another degree; go and join a spiritual centre; go and buy a new car; go and buy the newest computer; join a new business network; and so on. It is a greedy system that we all agreed to live by, and it goes unnoticed for most of the people. A classical example is that we all pay the tickets to watch a movie in the cinema, and we all have to watch 30 minutes of commercial, and nobody complains. We are paying to watch commercials. It became a normal abnormality.

While the capitalistic philosophy of “I produce therefore I am” and “I consume therefore I am” gives material recognition, and a superficial idea of success, it does not feed one’s soul.  The soul knows this is not enough and continues in a lonely place without being heard.

Counselling through the Authentic Male Journey

An Authentic Man’s Journey consists of three phases: 1. Succeed on the capitalism system; 2. Challenge the system; 3. Live inside the system without being trapped by it, by being aware there are plenty of other alternatives. The psychological disorders, then, become the ally symptoms on the process of soul awakening, encouraging you to challenge the system by living the question, and by paying attention to your truest voice.

An experienced coach, counsellor, spiritual director, a companion is able to guide you through the unknown territory where your true self is calling, awakened and creating awareness of parts of your life never noticed before. In this process, the use of sacred storytelling through myths, sacred metaphors, nature, poems, silence, are perceived as very valuable and the capitalist system does not value that as it cannot be measurable and understood by it.

The Four Myths of the Capitalism System

The traps to the the capitalist system we live in has four myths that for an unawakened man seems the absolute truth:

Myth 1: It is the only system exists: clearly it is not the only one as we have many others nature-based systems (like the aborigines here in Australia). The White Male just forced his own to be the only one trustworthy.

Myth 2: It is the superior one: very arrogant statement, and we all believe is true until something challenges the man that pushes him to question the superiority of the system.

Myth 3: It knows and understands everything: again very omnipotent and exclusivist. You better know, understand, and be part of the system, otherwise, you are going to be excluded and humiliated.

Myth 4: Everything worthy must be totally logical, rational, and objective: everything has to be quantifiable and measurable. Feelings, emotions, stories, metaphors have no value, as it cannot be measured. Therefore, they are not heard, understood and given the right attention. No wonder, man don’t talk about their own heart and their deepest secrets. The system says it has no value and no point in doing it.

Felipe Oliveira is a registered counsellor to set you free from the economic system and live an Authentic Life™.

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