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Authentic Life™by Felipe Oliveira


It is a group for you, who is on your 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s and is interested in:

1. learning from your own life experience;

2. being able to write/re-write your own story;

3. deepening the understanding of your life;

4. build a meaningful bond with other men like-minded.

Men's Group in Kelvin Grove

(Brisbane - Australia)

Based on the Way of Council:


A practice of open, heartfelt expression, attentive and empathic listening.

Passing the talking piece with the intention of speaking authentically and listening attentively inspires deeper communication, intercultural understanding and non-violent resolution of conflict, with a higher possibility to lead to a truthful place.

Through deepening trust, council supports the clarification of values, co-visioning and community building.

The Way of Council has been explored, developed and adapted to work in schools, communities, businesses, service organisations, prisons, health care and end-of-life facilities, professional conferences, spiritual centres, family gatherings and private therapeutic practices all over the world.

The 5 Agreements of Council are:

1. Listen from the Heart:  seek understanding (instead of agreement); accept others as they are (instead of fixing them); empathise (instead of criticising or judging);

2. Share from the Heart:  (Use of ‘ I am’ or ‘ I feel’ statement); tell our personal story (instead of philosophising);  favour feelings (over facts & opinions);  reveal the process (how I got where I am) and your conclusions;  move toward vulnerability;

3. Be lean of expression:  try not to proliferate/speaking for the highest good;

4. Be spontaneous: try not to plan what you’re going to say;

5. Confidentiality:  what is shared in the circle, stays in the circle.

The Sacred Power of Storytelling

“In the West when we want to emphasise a point we may quote an important authority. In traditional societies, personal experience, what a person has actually seen or done or heard in the bush or during a dream or vision, is considered to be the most valuable form of knowledge. When Native Elders want to make a point they do not contradict or argue things out as we would: they tell a personal story and leave their audience to make the necessary connections and understand how the story illustrates and illuminates the issue in question"

David F. Peat  in Blackfoot Physics.

Where: McCaskie Park, Kelvin Grove


When:  Every Month from 21 February 2021

Time:  4 pm till 6 pm

Always good to arrive 10 minutes earlier to network and feel the atmosphere of the group before the start.

Cost: $ Free


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About the Facilitator:

Felipe Oliveira has almost a decade of experience in leading and in participation in Men’s Group, and one of the first 25 facilitators in The Way of Council here in Brisbane - Queensland. He is a Certified Facilitator on Level 1 & 2, accredited by US Centre for Council & a fully registered counsellor holder of a Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy. His specialisation is in male authenticity.

Men Seeking Authentic Life