How do ‍‍‍you Network?

Authent‍‍‍ic Way of Connection

Her book is full of exercises that lead the reader to learn more about your Authentic Way of Connecting. Her book led me to realize I am 70% introverted, and I connected better on one on one (maximum 3). Coffee meetings are more profitable than huge events with hundreds of people - for me. The other point is that I like to hear stories. I like to see the story flowing. Clearly, one of my passions is the power of storytelling, especially when the heart jumps out. It is in a coffee meeting that a meaningful and solid connection is built.

I am Felipe Oliveira, holder of a Masters in Counselling with almost 10 ‍‍‍years of experience in the Authentic Male Journey myself. Feel free to contact me by mobile, e-mail or social media for an informal chat or to book a session.

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Do you collect business cards and connections on LinkedIn, or, do you, actually, spend some time building solid and meaningful connections?

Porter Gale (2013) is the one who wrote eloquently about the art of networking in today’s days. Basically the map of her most popular book ‘Your Network is your Net Worth’ is:‍‍‍

1. Focus on your passion that defines your purpose;

2. Build a value-based team who you will learn from and teach to (through collaboration);

and 3. Cultivate fields of creativity through social media, events, interviews and productive meetings.

For several months I have been using LinkedIn proactively, as much as, participating in a few network events here in Brisbane. It is not an easy journey. You meet all kinds of people doing different types of networking.

Felipe Oliveira is always Open for Connections in the Real World. His work is providing counselling for executives facing challenges in the Corporate World.‍‍‍‍‍‍

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How about You?

How do you Network? Do you network expecting referrals & transactions? Do you network with your ‘mask’‍‍‍? In which environment do you meet your Best Self among people: huge events, coffee meetings, phone calls, e-mails? What about LinkedIn: what is your real intention when you click ‘connect’ or ‘accept’? What do you do with your new connections on LinkedIn/Facebook?

Simon Sinek & Porter Gale Insights

Due to my professional expertise in counselling,‍‍‍ the step I love the most is the exercise to find one’s passion and the ‘why’ you love what you do. It drives you towards your Authentic Self. “The new way to network and build your true net worth is about charting your own course, living life based on your passions. What is important is no longer about what power plays but more about what you value and how - and with whom - you want to get there” enlightens Gale (2013, p.3). No wonder why Simon Sinek became so popular with his concept on knowing ‘why’, which is an evolved one from the existential philosopher Nietzsche - “those who know why faces any how”.

Authentic Connection

Understanding what motivates you, what makes you have goosebumps and in which environment you meet all that together, is the key to build an authentic, organic and productive network. What matter most is where and how you feel connected with yourself first, which will enable you to be more Present to what is in front of you.


Gale, P. (2013). Your Network is Your Net Worth: Unlock the hidden power of connections for wealth, success, and happinnes in the digital age. Atria. USA.

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Felipe Oliveira is a reputable and fully regis‍‍‍tered counsellor for men facing challenges in life. Holding a Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy, his specialisation is in men’s mid-life crisis,  male authenticity, sexuality and spirituality. ‍‍‍

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