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Authentic Life™by Felipe Oliveira


TRTP & Counselling : From Depression to Deep Rest

The Mask We Wear

Allam Watts compares the world with a drama theatre. When the show finishes, the hero & the villain take the masks off, give the hand to each other and wait for the crowd to say thanks. The actors know they are that certain identity for a certain period of time only.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), this happens in real life. Many of us live as if we are actors. We fabricate or create identities with a purpose to entertain or be someone at work, in relationships, or in the family. Then, Allan complements saying: “behind the scenes, you might not be who you think you are”. You, certainly, are not the one you believe you must be for the world. That’s when Jim Carrey says people are “depressed of creating something for the world”, which it came from his own experience after all his success as an actor in Hollywood.

The Noise Jim Carry

Jim Carry has always been making a lot of noise in the media. Now, the noisy he is doing is kind of weird, and for so many, crazy. He has been talking he does not exist, that everything is connected, that depression is a result of a useless and nonsense effort in one creating oneself for the world.

I highly agree with him and feel glad that a successful Hollywood actor is sharing such powerful news. In the video below, Jim Carry and Alan Watts, talk about the false self and True Self .

Felipe Oliveira is a clinical counsellor and a Certified TRTP Practitioner

for men to live an Authentic Life™.


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Felipe Oliveira provides counselling for men to become authentic. Click here to know more about his work . Or, please, continue reading about the commonality of depression and deep rest.

Human Experiences

We are all addicted to the distractions of the human experiences. These distractions make us believe we are separated from the world, and therefore, we must educate ourselves, get some degrees, grow in status quo, be useful, acquire valuable possession, in order to be accepted by the world society (the capitalism and individualism way of living). That is when the psychological symptoms come to the surface.

Successful Ladder

This mentioned above is the work of the first half of life. One must succeed. One must know they can survive and is strong enough to stand on his both feet. It gives confidence that he can achieve success. Jim Carry has only been heard because he became such famous actor in Hollywood. However, the journey of life must continue. It is the moment where we realize we don’t need to dance anymore. That we don’t need to play the fake game of the false self. We realize we are. We always have been, and we have never been separated from the world. The Jim Carrey actor does not exist. The man, human being like all of us, Jim Carrey, exists. It is simple and he and we are no more or less than anyone else. He just is, like we just are.

Counselling Men to Become Authentic

This talk or conversation is difficult to understand for the younger mind. Climbing the ‘successfull ladder’ is part of the process, not the process per se. It is a potent way to acquire confidence and courage. However, it is important for everyone to know that this ladder is just the creation of the container. The following path is learning to know what is inside the container, as one didn’t have time to pay attention during the construction of the ‘identity’. Connecting and learning what is inside of the container is the process of becoming authentic.

In the video below, it is clear to me the representation of the false and the True Self, and why so many people are suffering from depression. Enjoy!

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