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Counselling & TRTP for Men facing Midlife Crisis

Midlife Transition

Midlife crisis is easier to handle when you perceive it as a transition point rather than the loss of your youth. Midlife crisis for men normally happens around 42 year of age, when a man realises that significant events like his graduation, wedding or school adventures happened 20 years ago - not four or five years ago as it used to be. It happens when he loses his father or mother, and he must face being alone. A shift happens and when you first feel it, you don’t know what to do with it as you’ve never felt that way before.

The feeling you get with such transition is not pleasant. With the help of a professional you can start facing this new phase positively and authentically.

Becoming Authentic Through the Examination

By examining how your reacted and felt when you failed or succeeded in the past, you have the potential to identify the main points of your personality. From then on you will start making more authentic decisions according to who you always have been. This is the major advantage of going through a midlife transition and of being a mature and authentic man.

The Deeper Examination

I, Felipe Oliveira, perceive 40’s or 50’s as the ‘golden age’ for men. You don’t have the energy you had when you were 20, but you still have plenty of energy. Plus, you have lived. You have plenty of data to examine who you are and always have been. When done properly, you can start living your life according to the life who wants to live in you as opposed to the life you want to live. Do you notice the difference? Read the last phrase again.

I, Felipe Oliveira, am a Counsellor & Certified TRTP Practitioner for Men to live an Authentic Life™, and I can help you with your life transition. Get in touch and let’s examine your life together.

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