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Authentic Life™by Felipe Oliveira


Felipe Oliveira provides counselling for men facing midlife crisis. Click here to know more about his work . Or, please, continue reading about crisis of limitation and the gift of life experience .


Examining Your Mid-Life Transition

A mid-life crisis usually happens when you seek to avoid or modify the consequences of an important transition in your life. Most often it occurs during your fourth or fifth decade.

In most cases, a certain tragic event will be the trigger that brings this transition or crisis to your front of mind notice. It could be…

1. The death of a loved one.

2. The loss of a job or threat to your livelihood.

3. Problems with Your Business.

4. The simple realisation that your High School graduation took place 20 or 30 years ago.

It is the moment you realise that you are going to die one day and that no one lives forever and the clock is ticking…

The best way to deal with this mid-life transition is to embrace it for what it is!

You need to accept that you don’t have the time left that once stretched infinitely before you. It may help to reflect on this little morsel by way of compensation. You possess something that the young can never have. You have a Life Experience that leads to an even more powerful self-knowledge.

If you give this proper consideration, you will learn how to distinguish between the life that lives within you and the life you once might have thought you wanted or “Had” to create. Your determination will be based on the feelings and actions you have already lived.

When you are a 20-year-old, your comparative lack of Life Experience would lead you to choose what looks “Cool, fashionable or trendy.”

In your mid-life years, you will start to make your choices based on your own feelings and instincts and a clearer knowledge of the impact of the actions you take and the decisions you make. You have lived and experienced enough to know better!

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It is during your mid-life years that you will have the best chance to live your Authentic Life™.

If you learn how to examine your life deeply enough you will understand when to say “Yes!” to what matters most on your life and “No!” to those things that are little more than “Noise and Window Dressing.” And you will do it fully conscious of why you are taking that path.

The road to deeper consideration is the road less travelled!

Take the road less travelled. I can help you to choose the path of authenticity. Let's reflect together. I am offering two work process to examine your mid-life transition: existential and humanistic counselling (a journey of self-discovery), and TRTP (an elegant therapy that is solving complex issue in just 3 sessions).

You can choose which one you want by clicking the button below.

Let's journey and live our Authentic Life™ together!

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Felipe Oliveira

Counsellor & TRTP Practitioner

Felipe Oliveira is a clinical counsellor & certified TRTP Practitioner for men to live an Authentic Life™, and is ready to work with you on midlife transition.

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