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Authentic Life™by Felipe Oliveira


Counselling for men facing issues with sexuality and intimacy. Click here to know more about his work . Now, please, continue reading about male sexuality.

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The Power of Sexuality over Personal Development

How satisfactory is your sex life? Do you feel as if you have achieved your full potential of eroticism?

Chances are that your answer might be “No!”

Up until now, this subject has been poorly explained and the little that has been done is full of judgement and preconceptions and misconceptions that, in most cases, are not helpful.

The realisation that you might be unhappy about your sex life need not automatically mean that you have to live the rest of your life without achieving your full potential.

Try these “Thought-starters” on the subject of sexuality…

1. Have you ever thought to practise intimacy without the goal to achieve an orgasm?

2. Have you ever thought about sexuality as a means of improving personal development in all areas of your life?

3. Have you ever considered that Sexuality and Spirituality might be two sides of the same coin and that you can’t grow one side without growing the other?

4. Have you ever considered that the way you practise intimacy could lead to improvements in other important aspects of the life you are living?

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A deeper and more personal examination of this all-important subject can transform your whole life!

It has the power and potential to deliver you the most meaningful depth of self-knowledge that will lead you towards your Authentic Life™.

Since sexual desire is so potent and powerful and gives such significant personal identity to we human beings, this desire also has the power to keep us wanting, searching and journeying deeper and deeper into a greater desire to know who we are and have always been.

Sexuality is deeply rooted in the purest and most real desires of our heart!

Whatever questions, doubts or problems you may have on this subject, it will benefit from a deeper consideration. You will not regret the steps you take!

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Felipe Oliveira

Registered Counsellor for Men

Felipe Oliveira is a counsellor for men to live an Authentic Life™, and is ready to hearing from you. Send him an email now.

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