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Grief Counselling for Men: you can gain many benefits from It

Dealing with grief is never easy whatever the reason of grieving you are going through. My aim is to show you the benefits of Grief Counselling and to paint a picture of the better life and attitude waiting for you on the other side of facing your grief.

Most often, grieving is the earliest reaction to losing someone you love…someone you just can’t imagine being without.

Or, it may be the loss of a beloved pet, a relationship breakup or divorce, the loss of a job or even a particular dream that you held close to the front of your mind and believed in so deeply that you could almost touch it and feel it!

Grief Counselling will help you to use the suffering or the existential pain of the loss to contribute to your own personal growth.

King Solomon, widely considered to be the wisest man who ever walked the earth, said this… “There is more wisdom on the day of grief than on the day of happiness. It is through a sad countenance the heart is made stronger.”

It is as if grief is the place where the heart trains to add more muscle!

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Grief is also perceived to be the path to authentic transformation. It can be a case of “Three steps forward…two steps back.” The latter steps are the most important.

You will need to stop…reflect…and exercise the muscles of your heart. Some of them you may never have used before, that’s why it feels so hard.

If you are looking for a way to move forward, out of your grieving stages, let's talk…

I can take you through the grieving stages and show you how to come out stronger…you will become a more authentic character!

Hold on to it, trust the process and we will get there together.

Click the button below and let’s start to put an end to your debilitating grieving process.

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Felipe Oliveira

Registered Counsellor for Men

Felipe Oliveira is a counsellor for men to live an Authentic Life™, and is ready to hearing from you. Send him an email now.

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