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Counselling for Men facing Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression are Connected Through Fear

In a nutshell, anxiety is the fear of the future, and depression is the fear of the past. They are both interconnected through fear (which it can be beneficial to your life). Anxiety and depression block you from moving forward and living in the present moment.

The Cure is within you

The way I work is simple and without mystery - the cure is within you. It has always been and it will always be. Everything you need to thrive in your life is within you. The symptoms of anxiety and depression you are feeling are trying to teach you something about yourself. Together, we can examine them and you might gain some meaningful insights about your life, which can stabilise the symptoms.

Authentic Male Journey

However, it is not an easy and comfortable process. It is difficult and hard as it will require you to be vulnerable and honest with yourself. Once this is embraced, there will be the chance for you to experience positive feelings of self-compassion, and an authentic life becomes possible.

Medication & Counselling: good combination

If you have severe anxiety or depression it is OK to use prescribed medication. While the medicine will help your mind and body operate properly, counselling can help you cope with the life challenges that led you to feel the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

I, Felipe Oliveira, am a Counsellor for Men live an Authentic Life™. Get in touch and let’s examine your life together.

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